Map of Lake Viking

Click here to download the map WITHOUT lot dimensions (Adobe Acrobat PDF 14MB)
Click here to download the map WITH lot dimensions (Adobe Acrobat PDF 13MB)

This map of Lake Viking allows you to text search individual lake lots by lot number when opened in Adobe Acrobat. Click on the Search button and type the lot number you seek in the "Find" field. Note: If the lot you seek is 3 digits or less, you may get text search results that include larger lot number that contain the 3 digits you seek within them. Simply continue clicking the "Next" button until you see your selection.

This is a very large file. You will need to enlarge to view map details on your screen. Using this map may prove impractical if you have slow internet connection service, limited computer capacity, or an older version of Adobe Acrobat. Copies of this map are available on CD and may be purchased at the Lake Viking Association office, ph: 660-663-2131.

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